About Us


I was super excited to start my first business back in 2014. I knew that I needed a website make people aware of my existence. Long story short, I hired this one man to design a website for my business. He did a great job and all, but he was expensive. Keep in mind, it was my first business; I was a “baby” in the “business world.” So, in my mind, I was thinking… “Dude, I paid you X amount of money to build ME a website, not for YOU to have full control of it”. I had to pay him monthly “maintenance fees”, his favorite excuse was, “it’s time and money consuming to maintain the website monthly.” I believed him. He nickel-and-dimed me to death every time I wanted to change or upload an image. It was ridiculous. What did I do? I FIRED HIM! My team and I are determined to design beautiful websites and sell them at an affordable price to people who are being taking advantage of by those greedy webmasters. Not only that, I also knew that I could never take advantage of people by charging them monthly fees, because believe me, it is easy peasy lemon squeezy to upload an image to Word Press. I take pride in the work I deliver. So, if you are overpaying or perhaps keep hearing your web master tell you the same lies, mines once told me. Do what I did- Fire Him……… and Hire Me!